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Ticket Validation App

Whether in line for a movie, train, or the circus, customers today don't want to watch you struggle through verifying the validity of their tickets. Your employees don't want the hassle of manual checking a ticket number against a list of numbers, either.

Enabling multiple employees for ticket validation via barcodes or RFID tags is hands-down the best option for eliminating fake tickets and duplicate tickets in a timely manner.

KOAMTAC's Ticket Validation App within KOAMTACON helps make this process run smoothly and ensure your customers get through without a hiccup via real-time synchronization of scans to a back-end database as well as unlimited devices.

In-App Capabilities

Ticket Validation App Enter Information in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
The database will hold countless events - begin by selecting which one requires validation.

Download Ticket Information in Ticket Validation App by KOAMTAC
Download all ticket data from the database. This will synchronize automatically throughout validation.
Validate Ticket in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
Begin validating. Simply Scan the barcode with your KDC and the app will confirm or deny validation.
Ticket Report in Ticket Validation App KOAMTACON
Run a report on each device used to validate that can easily be exported to a manager for confirmation.

Admin Capabilities

As an admin, you can view real-time updates of all tickets scanned.
Export data for manual manipulation and quick views.
Use Boolean logic to filter or sort the updates for simple reporting and analysis or to approve or deny the orders coming through.
Ticket Validation Admin View

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