Retail App Main Menu in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
The best way to help your customers is by having the access to information at your fingertips. They have questions and you have the answers with the KOAMTACON Retail App. The store floor is a busy place and you don't want to leave your customers waiting in the middle of it while you check inventory on a computer. KOAMTACON puts the power of search right in your hands.

You can search for items by scanning the barcode and access cloud-managed data of product details including quantity, price, color, and description. Because the data syncs with the cloud, multiple stores' data can be accessible by any user, helping to get the right product in your customer's hand.

Retail App Capabilities

Scan Barcode in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
Identifying top-earning products starts with a simple scan of a barcode using your KDC.
Item Selection in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
You can select the item from a database of SKUs and scan multiple items at once!
Out of Stock Warning in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
The app will let you know how many items you already have in stock or if you're out completely.
Retail App Item Detail in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
Edit information about the items directly via the app rather than waiting to get back to your computer.

Retail Admin Capabilities

As an admin, you can view real-time updates of all items scanned.
Export data for manual manipulation and quick views.
Use Boolean logic to filter or sort the updates for simple reporting and analysis or to approve or deny the orders coming through.
Retail Admin View in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
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