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Inventory App

Running a business is never easy and inventory management can be one of the most overwhelming and time-consuming parts. To ensure you always have what your customers are looking for and to reduce shrink you know it must be a priority.

Checking and maintaining your inventory doesn't always have a to be a complicated headache. Much of the process can be automated with the right software and hardware that puts the control in your hands with an easy-to-use application.

KOAMTAC's Inventory App within KOAMTACON allows you to check your stock status, scan new stock in, scan individual or bulk stock out, and adjust to account for recalls or expiration. Neither you nor your store clerks need to take each product off the shelf and count one by one. Instead, simply scan the barcode or RFID tags on each product, and move right on to the next. If you prefer to count you can manually enter to ensure the utmost confidence that your inventory is correct.

In-App Capabilities

Search inventory in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
Search your inventory by scanning a barcode, typing the name of the product you're searching for, or manual product code entry.
Confirm and Edit Stock information in Inventory app in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
Easily scan items in, enter new product information, and confirm all new stock information before synchronizing with the cloud.
Adjust Stock
Get detailed product information and adjust stock information directly through the app.
Stock Report in Inventory App in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC
Run a report to track the movement of stock in your store on a daily basis. Export the report to management for a quick high-level view of performance.

Admin Capabilities

As an admin, you can view real-time updates of stock adjustments each time synchronization occurs.
Use Boolean logic to filter or sort the updates for simple reporting and analysis.
Export for reporting or import long lists of items to speed up the process on the store floor.
Inventory App Admin in KOAMTACON by KOAMTAC

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