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It's so easy!

The KOAMTACON Data Management Suite (KDMS/DMS) comes pre-loaded with apps ready to collect your data. You can use one or all of them. Each app is customizable to suit your needs. Plus, we're developing new ones everyday!

Simply pair your KDC Scanner to your smartphone, tablet, or PC, open the KOAMTACON DMS, and start collecting barcode, RFID, MSR, or GPS data - the possibilities are endless. Use your smartphone or tablet to supplement your data with photos or signatures for verification and we'll host them in the cloud for you; easily accessible via the app.


The Best Way to Collect Data

Quick to Launch

By yourself or with the support of the KOAMTAC team, your business can be up and running on the KOAMTACON DMS in as little as 1 hour. Just download the app from your favorite app store, enter your activation code, and go!

Simple to Maintain

Synchronize new service logic to all devices with the app installed automatically. No extra steps required.

In the Cloud

Wherever you go, KOAMTACON can go with you. And with the power of the cloud, updates are done in real time.

Easy to Use

Sign in, connect your scanner, and scan! Effortlessly collect, modify, verify, and report on data in any situation with just a few clicks. No need for thick manuals or long tutorial videos, KOAMTACON is easy as 1-2-3!

Compatible with any device

Whether you're an Android, Apple, or Windows user, the KOAMTACON DMS will work for you. We have apps on both the Apple App and Google Play stores.

Access to all of these Applications

Delivery App


Prepare, track, and manage all of your deliveries in one place. Add photos and signatures seamlessly.

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Field Service App

Field Service

Teams of any size can create and manage requests. Plus clear reporting on a days' work.

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Inventory App


Inventory Management is a breeze whether you have 1 or 1 million unique product SKUs.

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Purchase Order App

Purchase Order

Create and control your purchase order workflow in real-time and on-the-go.

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Rental App


Check items out, check them back in, complete contracts, and report on the day's movement.

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Retail App


Let this app simplify your retail management whether in a large or small store.

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Ticket Validation App

Ticket Validation

Protect your event - and your bottom line - by ensuring every attendee has a valid ticket.

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